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امازون برايم
امازون السعودية

How to register in Hungerstation

Hungerstation registration

Hello all, I will show you how to work in the HungerStation application for delivery of orders in Saudi Arabia. It is dedicated to the delivery of orders such as Jahez and other delivery applications

Hungerstation covers all regions of the kingdom

Now you can work with HungerStation as a representative in all Saudi cities by clicking on Registration in HungerStation.

Hungerstation Rider

Advantages of registering in Hungerstation as a representative
  1. The percentage of the HungerStation application is 20%, meaning that out of every 100 SR you get 80 and HungerStation 20.

  2. Unstoppable requests in Hungerstation, allowing you to make more requests during your work.

  3. Work at any time without being bound by a specific time. Whenever you want to start work, run the application and start.

  4. Compensation of the representative when the customer withdraws from the request by raising a help ticket in the special application of Hungerstation for Roadrunner drivers

  5. The HungerStation application is considered the best in terms of the percentage and speed of requests achieved, with the least working hours.
Cars Conditions at Hungerstation:
Accepted Cars

The car must be at least 10 years old, meaning at least 2011 to be accepted

Documents required in Hungerstation

  • 1- Personal ID (not expired)
    2- The serial number of the car is shown in the car form. It is necessary to add it to activate your account
    3- A selfie of the face (photo from the front camera, white background) with the shoulders showing

    1. One of the conditions for working in Hungerstation as a delegate is that the age is not less than 18 years and not more than 65 years.
    2. The license and ID must be valid.

Registration in HungerStation

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