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ToYou Registration

About working with ToYou

Toyou is one of the best options for delivery food due to the highest interest fee. you will get at least 16 SAR per order in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Toyou Registration

Working with ToYou
  • They have offers that guarantee a weekly income of up to 4000 rs.

  • As for residents, you can register for delivery orders and Toyou percentage of each order is 0% 

  • Click here to register in Toyo without attending.

Of course, cars accepted in ToYou have three categories:

Like Camry, Sonata, Azera... Etc.


Like pockets in general.


Luxury cars

We would like to update you that starting from 30/05/2021 , the delivery service fees have been updated as follows

-👉🏻 Riyadh and Jeddah minimum delivery fees on ToYou.

✅• Minimum order 16 riyals per each order

• 6 riyals starting fee
• 1 riyal per kilometer

-👉🏻 Dammam and Medina minimum delivery fees.

  • • 6 riyals starting fee
    • 1 riyal per kilometer
    ✅• Minimum order 15 riyals

-👉🏻 All other cities minimum delivery fees.

  • • 6 riyals starting fee
    • 1 riyal per kilometer
    ✅• Minimum order 14 riyals
Conditions of registration in passenger transport:
  • Saudi nationality or non Saudi.

  • Valid documents (ID - License - Form - Insurance)

  • Authorization if necessary
    Android Mobile

  • 2010 or newer car and be in good condition
    If the conditions are complete and you want to register without attending the office.

  • Daily income reaches 350 SAR depending on guarantees and bonus offers Toyou Registration

Unacceptable cars at ToYou

  • All cars are acceptable that should 2010 and above.

ToYou Delivery conditions

  • Saudi or non-Saudi
  • Valid documents (ID - License - Form - Insurance)
  • Delegate if necessary Android mobile
  • A 2000 or newer car that's in good shape.
  • 300 riyals (100 riyals insurance for the order he can receive through cash or visa payments)
  • If he doesn't like to continue and 300 riyals will be added to the account of the application is his right)
    Regarding the delivery of requests, 

Toyou requirements
  • A Saudi or non-Saudi must be at least 20 years of age and not more than 65 years old.
  • The car is required to be 2015 and newer

Toyou Registration

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