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Uber Registration

About working with Uber

Uber's work feature
  • If you sit for a month without a job they don't say anything.

  • The more you refuse to ask for everything you've damaged in acceptance rate, because it's linked to incentives.

  • Uber's system determines pricing, nor the idea would have worked.

  • You can record more than one car.

Of course, cars accepted in Uber have three categories:
Uber X

Like Camry, Sonata, Azera... Etc.

Uber XL

Like pockets in general.

Uber Black

Luxury cars

Benefits i have gained so far:
  • If you arrive at the customer and you are late or you arrive and cancel the order, you will deduct an amount and give you no chill they uber excels in the incentive system
    Uber and Kareem have 25% of each journey, and your journey means 100 riyals for you 75 and 25 riyals.
  • How do you give the company their percentage? Your balance is that someone pays a visa they take from them or add your visa and their rights are deducted every week if they ask you for an uber or cream payment you buy from item or othaim and pay you what is required.
  • If you focus on guarantees and incentives, you will forget that you pay Uber and deposit money into your account every week on Tuesday.
Benefits i have gained so far:
  • Increase my income instead of relying on salary.

  • Getting to know the community, sometimes you build relationships according to the person who rides with you. Most of my clients are doctors, doctors and engineers, which in short means the elite of society will meet many of them.

  • Work your free time on something that benefits you.

  • Try not to be physically strict, focus on the point of gaining customer satisfaction.

  • Patience, you will meet a few complaining customers, they must be courteous and their requests must be met for an important reason: evaluation.

Unacceptable cars at Uber

  • For the record all the cars shown below are acceptable in Kareem
  • Small car: very like the China Yars Accent Rio and its equivalent in size.
  • Car models: Less than 2015 is not acceptable.
    If the terms are not in conformity, they will contact us via WhatsApp and register you with any other company.

Documents required

  • 1- Personal Identity (not expired)
  • 2- Saudi driver's license (valid)
  • 3- Car form (valid) model 2015 and updated only
  • 4- Car insurance (not finished)
  • 5- Selfie face (photo from front camera) with the appearance of shoulders
  • If you like to do it directly send me the documents via WhatsApp
Basic requirements
  • A Saudi or a citizen must be at least 20 years of age and not more than 65 years old
  • The license, form, insurance and id must be valid.
  • The car is required to be 2015 and the latest Uber and Cream 2014 or more recent.

Uber Registration

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